Specta Decor Private Limited is established in 2006 as the leader in building materials industry in India. Specta Decor manufactures, distributes, imports and exports the world's best ceiling, partition, cladding systems and accessories. We have wide range of products for the best internal and external use of buildings.

Our manufacturing is based on Eco friendly production process.

Our production is in accordance to international standards and quality, with a focus to supply the best products at competitive prices.

Being a domestic manufacturing company we can manufacture as per customer's requirements in terms of size, thickness, length etc.

Our logistics department is developed to provide our customers all the required supports and co ordination. We have our design department and experienced staff's to guide and provide all technical and innovative methods to make your creations the best.

We are manufacturing our products with high quality standards and are targeted to meet the various requirements of Airport, Metro Stations, IT industries, housing, prefabricated building, offices and administrative building, hospitals, schools, shopping mall, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls, movie theaters, amusement parks etc which helps to save in time of construction, cost, labor, energy & resources etc