Track (Floor)

Used for fixing to ceiling and floor for securing vertical studs at floor and ceiling junctions.

Product Dimensions:

Dimentions in (mm)
25.00 X 40.00 X 25.00 X 0.45 X 3000
25.00 X 50.00 X 25.00 X 0.45 X 3000
25.00 X 72.00 X 25.00 X 0.45 X 3000
25.00 X 75.00 X 25.00 X 0.45 X 3000


Packing : Each bundle consists of 10 profiles, and each  pallet consists of 500 Pieces.
Documents : Each delivery will be having invoices (one  original and two copies) along with delivery notes (One original and two  copies).
Special Note :
Being a domestic high quality  export manufacturing company, we will be able to provide you with your on site  requirements on any thickness (MOQ)  and any custom length to save on time, labor and money. We can match  our production schedules for delivery to meet your site requirements which will  help you to finish your projects faster.
For any details on products, fixing and technical assistance please feel free to contact our technical team.
Health & Safety : As with all metal products, there is a risk for sharp corners or edges. Appropriate PPE should be used.
Storage : To be stored in pallets in covered storage rooms, avoid direct sunlight, rain or humidity.