Furring Cladding System

Furring Cladding system is a method of creating false cladding using gypsum boards / cement board to metal structure so as to provide a smooth wall where additional decorations can be applied.

The system includes Furring Channel, Gypsum Boards / Cement Board apart from the normal accessories like joint compound fillers, screws, nails etc.

Field of Applications.




Technical Data & Properties

  System Assembly
  1 Furring Channel  
  2 Gypsum Board  
  3 Screw 25mm  
  4 Nails  
  5 Fisher  
  Installation Guide   
  » Furring channels are vertically fixed and aligned @ 600mm c.c. to the wall
  » The Gypsum Boards are fixed by screws to the furring channels @ distance not to exceed 250 mm c.c.   
  » The joint are taped and putty applied and cladding is finished smooth ready for painting.