Furring Ceiling System

Furring Ceiling System is a method of creating false ceilings using gypsum boards / cement boards etc to metal structure so as to provide smooth ceilings where additional decorations can be applied.

The system includes Furring Channels (Sections), C Channels (Channel), Galvanized Angles or Perimeter angles, Gypsum Boards / Cement Boards apart from the normal accessories like joint compound fillers, screws, nails etc.

Field of Applications



Technical Data & Properties

  System Assembly  
  1 - L Trim  
  2 - Wire Hanger  
  2A - Rod Hanger  
  3 - Adjustment Clip  
  4 - C-Channel Bracket  
  4A - C-Channel Rod Bracket  
  5 - Main Channel  
  6 - Furring Channel  
  7 - Wire Clip  
  8 - Gypsum Board  

   Installation Guide                         
    » Perimeter of L-Trim 25x25 or 30x30 galvanized steel concealed, fixing   at     450mm c.c in wall
  » Hangers are fixed at 1200mm c.c Ga 8 Wire or Rod Hanger
  » The main channel should be fixed at 1200mm c.c
  » The furring channels should be fixed at 600mm c.c - the furring is then fixed   to main channel with a wire clip Ga. 16 at each intersection. 
  » The gypsum Board 12.5mm or 15mm (Regular/Water Resistance/Fire) is last fixed to the Furring Channel longitudinally with self taping screws of 25mm   or 35mm size at 250mm c.c